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16 Jul 2014 Goldmarktech joined Thailand ESCO Fair 2014
at Bitec Bangna.

25 Mar 2013  New feature of WebCTRL 5.5, Time-lapse a
graphical diagnostic tool that allows users to rewind and
play back hours of building data in minutes.

01 Jan 2013  Smardt-Powerpax chiller is here in Thailand
know more products information at

28 Nov 2006   2005 AIRAH National Awards

6 Dec 2005     The BRITE project: Innovation CaseStudy
       Gallery of South Australia

1 July 2005     
The Art of Improving Indoor Air Quality
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About Us
Business & Technology Units
Established in 1992, Goldmark Technical
Supply Company Limited aiming to become
a leading HVAC Environment and Energy
management company with innovative
technology, top quality products and
services in the Thailand HVAC Industries.

Through the years of over coming
numerous challenges " GOLDMARK", as a
Thai entrepreneur, has grown firmly in
reputation as a reliable cooperative product
supplier, technology suppliers and solution
provider serving a wide range of
commercial and industrial businesses.

These include the industries of Micro
Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Power
Generation, Petrochemical, Refinery,
Hospitals, commercial complexes, hotels
and Infrastructure Projects.
Shaw Method of Air
Industries Solution
Commercial Buildings
Residential Buildings
Public Buildings

Electronics Industries
Semiconductor Industries

Hospital Facility
Health Care
Food Industries
Beverage Industries

Furniture Industries
Chemical Industries
Power Plant

Printing Facility
Film Industries

News and Articles
16 Jul 2014 Goldmarktech joined Thailand ESCO FAIR 2014.