Shelter technique

A for absolute responsibility

No other area needs such uncompromising safety. 

We take responsibility.

We ensure life protection.

Shelter  technique

Perfect operation reliability is not only a goal but a must.

Reliable technique is required.

    •    Safe

    •    Simple

    •    Rugged

and tested, approved, certified. 

Andair AG has been providing this outstanding performance for over 50 years. 

Leading in shelter technique

The competent specialist in shelter technique

Andair components and systems are used in shelters, safety rooms and control rooms of:

    •    Civil defence shelters        

    •    Air raid shelters

    •    Hardened underground facilities

    •    C4ISTAR facilities

    •    NBC protected facilities and bio safety labs

    •    Refineries and oil fields, off-shore platforms

    •    Chemical and petrochemical plants

    •    Nuclear power plants

Operating staff and other persons as well as sensitive equipment present in these installations need to 

be protected.

Example of a typical shelter layout

Well founded know-how and a wide range of special products are the basis of Andair's leadership. 

Over 50 years experience pledge for best quality, type tested and approved by the SPIEZ LABORATORY of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence. 

More than 3000 large protected installations are equipped with Andair components in over 55 countries everywhere in the world.

Shelter entrance with blast doors


    •    Conventional warfare

    •    Nuclear warfare

    •    Industrial accidents

    •    Sabotage

Endangering of

    •    Population

    •    Facilities

    •    Armed and military forces

    •    Goods

•    Terrorism

•    Earthquake

•    Breakdowns

•    Cultural assets

•    Infrastructure

•    Supply systems

Shelter requirements for

    •    Civil defence shelters

    •    Command posts

    •    Petro-chemical plants

    •    Nuclear power stations

    •    Ammunition and pyrotechnics

    •    Defence forces

    •    Cultural assets

    •    Emergency hospitals

    •    Communication centers

Ventilating unit with electro-motor and handcrank, large NBC filter bank