Sound / vibration / damping

Our long-lasting experience of state-of-the-art sound and vibration protection technique guarantees innovative and reliable solutions. 


Shelter technique

No other area needs such uncompromising safety. 


Ventilation components

Ventilation technique makes high demands and requires specialists to ensure fresh air. We guarantee know-how and top quality. 



Safe, simple, rugged

Andair engineers, manufactures and offers a comprehensive range of all required products to equipped shelters.

Andair equipment meets the Swiss Civil Defence requirements, and the company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Explosion protection valves

type ESV 4

Ventilating installation

type VA 300

Explosion protection valves

with airfilters type ESV/VF 4

NBC Survivor 40

small unit for safe room

Explosion protection valves

type FC

NBC filtration

unit for mobile applications

Explosion protection valves

type KC-T

Air handling

unit type VA 2400

Anchor wall

for explosion protection valve type AW-T


shock resistant

Explosion protection valve

for sanitary vent. type ESV San-100

Diesel generator

EMP protected

Explosion protection valve

for exhaust gases type EGV

Gastight shut-off valve

type GAK - D

Shelter closures

Special gastight shut-off valves

Shelter furnishing


for watertank type MW 55

Switch board

for door electr. drive and door control of a decontamination system

Wall sleeves

for water, electr. and air systems

NBC gasfilter

type GF 600

EMP doors

Ventilating installation

type VA 150

EMP grille

(waveguide) type HC